Weem Am The Widders

picture of a widder The Widders are a Welsh Border Morris Team from the Chepstow area. Chepstow is a Border town on the estuary of The River Wye. Border Morris is a music and dance tradition originating from along the Welsh/English border region many years ago. Traditionally, farm workers, labourers and village folk would go out and dance to earn extra cash to supplement their wages. This was seen as begging which was illegal and was frowned on by their employers, the church and local dignitaries.

In order to save their embarrassment and to avoid possible arrest, the dancers began wearing ragged clothing and blacking their faces as a means of disguising themselves.

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We accept bookings for both public and private events like festivals, pubs, parties, corporate events and weddings. If you would like to add a Widderish slant to your event, please contact us.

Beware of Imitation!   Real Widders Are Here!