2013 Widders and la lachera

In 2013 The Widders where honoured to host La Lachera, an Italian dance troupe from Rocca Grimalda.

The group was founded around a rebellian against Jus Primae Noctis, the right of the lord to sleep with the towns newly wedded brides. Which there dances act out in fluid motions and traditional costume. Weather or not this right was actually practiced is uncertain. The group is also founded around old spring propitiatory traditions, luck bringing traditions much like those of wassailing in the UK.

There flawless fluid dancing and colourful costumes created an awesome atmosphere around Chepstow helped by the beautiful weather.They also met up with the town mayor swapping gifts.

Also around the town on saturday where Cardiff Morris, Carreg Las Border Morris, Rag Morris, Hapenstance Border Morris, Full Moon Morris, The Bums Morris and the Raise The Dust Appalachian dancers. Everyone did a fantastic job of bringing the town alive.

On sunday the widders and La Lachera headed to the carleon arts festival. Firstly headding into the amphithetre where they danced unexpectidly, to the great ammusement of the public. Later they performed a prosessional dance in a pub, pulling in many members of the public. After this everyone headded back to get ready for the evening party. As we where about to leave Mike Lewis did a few songs on the guitar and several of the Italians entered unnoticed, much to Mike’s supprise when they applauded. They thaught he was a CD player!

To bless them fairwell a big evening BBQ was held which was acomponied by more dancing from la lachera and a repeat of the prosessional. Which involved almost everyone and compleatly filled the marquee.

For more infomation on La Lachera: lachera.it

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