Much Wenlock

Set of 8, 2 rows of 4. Gender segregated. To start the two rows are also at opposite ends of the stage facing each outher.

Dance on

Music plays 8 beets introduction then both lines start dancing towards each outher and screaming. 4 steps bring the two lines into a longways set. Then 4 to rotate to face parttners.

Figure 1
Lurch towards opposite person crossing right shoulder and clashing with them on beet 1. Take a second step forward then 2 steps in place. 2 steps to turn and 2 in place. The set is now inverted. For remaining 8 beets launch into a body swing with the person opposite, linking on beet one. When this ends break out such the set is back in its starting configuration, mirrored again.


Boys stick with girls. Girls hold stick in prone position, boys stick alternatly left/right:
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 1 2 3 4. The final beet stick moves from prone to 2 hand overhead. Partner hits it down from overhead.

For remaining 8 beets this repeats mirrored with girls sticking and boys holding.

Back to back right and left
– 2 steps forward passing left of opposite dancer
– 2 steps across to the right
– 4 steps back passing right of opposite dancer

– 2 steps forward passing right of opposite dancer
– 2 steps across to the left
– 4 steps back forming into origional set

Figure 1

Circle and star

Figure 1

Sod off / Sod on

8 beets Music slows down. people act depressed and walk off in the way they entered the set.
8 beets re enter with ‘argh’ as in dance on.

Figure 1

As usual but on final clash freeze to end. Hold untill ‘rats’ is called then run off madly,